We established this website so that we can help create awareness of exercise addiction, and help individuals who are at risk of it.  Additionally, we are available to consult with or speak to sports teams, organizations, and businesses.  Please contact us if you are interested in any of our services or have any media inquiries.

Exercise Reprogramming

“Hard work” doesn’t necessarily mean betters results.  We are experts in exercise reprogramming, which allows individuals and teams to train “smarter” to achieve their goals.


Learn from us!  We are available to deliver continuing education regarding exercise addiction to a wide range of audiences, including medical professionals, health/fitness business, and sports teams/organizations.


Let others know about exercise addiction.  While many suffer from this, those around them may not realize this or be able to help.  Learn how to recognize the signs of exercise addiction, and reach out to those who need help managing their exercise behaviors.