Why did we start this website?

As college professors, we regularly perform research and publish our results in journals. This itself has lots of value, and is a major part of being an academic scientist. However, there is a substantial lag time between when research gets published and when it actually becomes mainstream clinical practice. Thus, a lot of research has great potential to benefit the public, but it often takes years of waiting.

Research on exercise addiction has not previously received much attention by the medical community, and has been confined to specialty journals, which have a limited audience. We all have had our share of experiences with exerholics, and believed we needed to get make the frontline healthcare providers aware of this growing issue.  To do this, we submitted an article in one of the world’s leading medical journals, BMJ (British Medical Journal). Thankfully, the journal recognized the importance of this topic and published our work. Although this was a milestone in creating awareness in the medical community about exercise addiction, we did not consider this the final product of our journey, but rather the beginning.

We recognize that another published paper is not enough.  As such, we decided that we needed to have an interface with the public, where we could share the latest information on exercise addiction directly with those impacted by it. Through combining our expertise and sharing it on this website, we are the world’s premiere resource on this topic.  We hope to make a difference helping individuals struggling with this all-too-common issue.

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